LIFE.-System World Congress 2020

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Information: – 33 (0) 7 86 56 02 13

This congress is based on current technologies, their trends and exponential possibilities.

→ Programme of the Congress:
• Interscalar waves, language in the universe.
• Neuroscience and its impact on our bodies, how we communicate and connect with each other.
• The multi-functionality of the L.I.F.E.-System.
The programme constantly evolves each year according to the latest tendencies and technological discoveries.
The speakers are leaders in the world of science and innovation.

→ This congress is intended for all audiences: Therapists, Doctors, Veterinarians or Individuals.
It is essential for all those seeking to understand the connections of the human brain, the potential of Bioresonance and Biofeedback, how to work all together towards a more human and profitable future.

During two days, many therapists from all around the word will be together to listen experts, ask questions and learn from each other.

Contrary to previous years, there will be no human contact that we cherish, no warm hughs, no friendly kisses, but there will still be this passion that animates us and that we, who work on energies, will feel through the screens. In order to organise this event and set up the technical means necessary for its smooth running, we invite you to register now by return of mail.

We look forward to sharing this exceptional event with You.

Claude-Jean Lapostat.

Or register by filling in all the information requested as shown in the image below, directly by email to :