L.I.F.E.-System World Congress 2020
In English, simultaneously translated into French

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The L.I.F.E. World Committee has the great pleasure to invite you to the L.I.F.E.-System World Congress, 21 and 22 November 2020 in France

The more we use the L.I.F.E.-System, the more we, as therapists, are excited, fascinated and sometimes bluffed, by the power of these waves. Forerunners of a science with a bright future, we deepen every day our knowledge to perfect the use of the L.I.F.E.-System scanner even further. The possibilities are so endless, we continually wonder… Through cases, words and pictures, he constantly leads us to new questions about the body, scalar waves, neuroscience, gems…and about the best combinations to bring relief and well-being to the subjects we treat, wether we talk about human beings, animals or plants.
It is to further enrich our community knowledge, and to strengthen the link between all the practitioners, that we are organising once again this year a L.I.F.E.-System World Congress.
On Line, with prestigious guests We will be able to discuss among ourselves how to approach this extraordinary tool.
For two days, we will be more than 150 therapists from about twenty countries, to meet and listen to specialists, ask questions and learn from one another.
Contrary to previous years, there will be no human contact that we cherish, no warm hughs, no friendly kisses, but this passion that animates us will be here to help us feel all these positive energies, through the screens.
In order to organise this event and set up the technical means necessary for its smooth running, we invite you to register now by mail in return.
We look forward to sharing this exceptional event with You.

L.I.F.E.-System World Congress 2020
In English, simultaneously translated into French


Hans A. Stormer Heilpraktiker Director of the L.I.F.E. Training Centre in Europe, Netherlands
L.I.F.E.-System: Dynamics and therapeutic applications.

Interscalar Technologies,
Docteurs Hartmut Müller & Leili Khosravi
Interscalar awareness as being a new paradigm in Science
and Medicine.

Docteur Rezan Cezan Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Ankara University, TurkeyShe tells us “Health is not a problem we can treat.
only after deterioration.”

Emin Kaya, Doctor, Turkey Doctor of Medicine, specialist in Otorhinolaryngology
and head and neck surgery.
Medical point of view associated with practices using the L.I.F.E.-System.

Doctor in Naturopathy,
Jean-Jacques Dugoua, Canada
The importance of holistic therapies related to Biofeedback in the field of naturopathic applications.

Intuitive Coach, Roméo Cournal, France
Neuro-Emotions & Physiology of Emotional Responses in bio-regulation Therapies

Doctor, dental surgeon specialist,
Aida Rebai, France
Empowering and motivating the patient for optimal overall health.

The programme constantly evolves each year according to the latest trends and technological discoveries.
The speakers are experts in the world of science and health.


CEO of L.I.F.E.-System – HET,
Harmonic Energetic Technologies,
Grace GAO, USA

Ste. ALC Regional L.I.F.E.
Distributor and Director
for Europe & Middle East
Ozan & Okan Partal

Quantaform International
Distributor France,
French-speaking countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal.
Claude-Jean & Nelda Lapostat